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Dryopteris wallichiana Dryopteris wallichiana
Ficus carica " Rouge de Bordaux" Ficus carica " Rouge de Bordaux"
Lonicera heckrotti "Goldflame" Lonicera heckrotti "Goldflame"
Buddleja davidii "Funky Fuchsia" Buddleja davidii "Funky Fuchsia"
Loropetalum "Black Pearl" Loropetalum "Black Pearl"
Nektarin "Nectared" Nektarin "Nectared"
Persika "Fruit Me Peach Me Donut" Persika "Fruit Me Peach Me Donut"
Persika "Ice Peach" Persika "Ice Peach"
Daglilja "Night Ember" Daglilja "Night Ember"
Calycanthus ""Athens" Calycanthus ""Athens"
Calycanthus "Hartlage Wine" Calycanthus "Hartlage Wine"
Rysk marton Rysk marton

Rysk marton

89 kr
Calycanthus "Venus" Calycanthus "Venus"
Trollpil "Tortuosa" Trollpil "Tortuosa"
Tranbär "Pilgrim" Tranbär "Pilgrim"
Allium "Millenium" Allium "Millenium"
Actinidia "Ken's Red" Actinidia "Ken's Red"
Aurikel, Primula x pubescens Aurikel, Primula x pubescens
Geranium "Biokovo" Geranium "Biokovo"
Glansmiscantus "Malepartus" Glansmiscantus "Malepartus"
Getruta Getruta


129 kr
Nejlikerot "Flames of Passion" Nejlikerot "Flames of Passion"
Hortensia "Daredevil" Hortensia "Daredevil"
Blåsippa "Anemone hepatica" Blåsippa "Anemone hepatica"
Iris germanica "Cranberry Swirl" Iris germanica "Cranberry Swirl"
Fingerborgsblomma "Apricot" Fingerborgsblomma "Apricot"
Fläder "Golden Tower" Fläder "Golden Tower"
Blodfläder "Black Lace" Blodfläder "Black Lace"
Colocasia escukenta Colocasia escukenta
Cornus alba "Siberica Variegata" Cornus alba "Siberica Variegata"
Hortensia "Candybelle Bubblegum" Hortensia "Candybelle Bubblegum"
Hortensia "Candybelle Marsmallow" Hortensia "Candybelle Marsmallow"
Anemone Bicolor Anemone Bicolor
Gladiol " Colour Club" Gladiol " Colour Club"
Gladiol " Chocolate" Gladiol " Chocolate"
Gloriosa "Lime" Gloriosa "Lime"
Lillium martagon "Claude Shride" Lillium martagon "Claude Shride"
Rosenforsythia Rosenforsythia
Hosta Praying Hands Hosta Praying Hands
Nejlikerot Tempo Rose Nejlikerot Tempo Rose
Weigela Black and White Weigela Black and White
Hosta Wheee Hosta Wheee

Hosta Wheee

99 kr
Asplenium Hjortunga Asplenium Hjortunga
Iris Rose Queen Iris Rose Queen
Vidjehortensia Annabelle Vidjehortensia Annabelle
Ekbladshortensia Snow Queen Ekbladshortensia Snow Queen
Hosta Waterslide Hosta Waterslide
Hosta Purple Heart Hosta Purple Heart
Thuja Whipcord Thuja Whipcord
Rosa maskros Rosa maskros

Rosa maskros

99 kr
Liljekonvalj Rosea Liljekonvalj Rosea
Nejlikerot Pretticoats Peach Nejlikerot Pretticoats Peach
Nejlikerot "Mai Tai" Nejlikerot "Mai Tai"
Lammöra Lammöra


99 kr
Hallon "Black Jewel" Hallon "Black Jewel"
Morus Alba Macrophylla Morus Alba Macrophylla
Vitt pampasgräs Vitt pampasgräs
Blåbär "Pink Lemonade Blåbär "Pink Lemonade
Acanthus mollis Acanthus mollis
Forsythia, vit Forsythia, vit
Gloriosa "Sparkling Stripe" Gloriosa "Sparkling Stripe"
Lillium martagon Fairy Morning Lillium martagon Fairy Morning
Hosta Blue Mouse Ears Hosta Blue Mouse Ears
Hosta White Feather Hosta White Feather
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Niger Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Niger
Ranunkel Aviv Picotee Ranunkel Aviv Picotee
Ranunkel Aviv Rose Ranunkel Aviv Rose
Ranuncles Aviv Rood Ranuncles Aviv Rood
Pampasgräs rosea Pampasgräs rosea